University of Nevada, Las Vegas analyzed samples for BAASS

(Thanks to Keith Basterfield for his background research on this topic.)
In November 2018 Keith Basterfield posted an article titled « Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas » about a possible cooperation between BAASS and UNLV. Twitter user @Jay09784691 had previously located a 2010 newsletter from the Harry Reid Center for Environmental Studies at UNLV that referred to an agreement between the university and BAASS.
"The Nuclear Materials Group (lead: Dr Thomas Hartmann) has established a formal collaboration with the Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS). The collaboration provides analytical assistance to BAASS for characterizing solid phases and precipitates."
HRC eNews — 2010 Spring : News release about the BAASS/UNLV cooperation (Available at :
Based in Las Vegas, BAASS was the sole contractor for the 22-million dollar Advanced Aer…

QUEUE Reports : The DIA UFO Files ?

While looking for records about US Government UFO programs, I noticed a detail in Bryan Bender’s 2017 Politico article that I had initially missed. The article « The Pentagon’s Secret Search for UFOs » was published on December 16th, 2017, and revealed that the US government had funded a UFO investigation program for many years. This program, known as Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) was run by the Office of the Secretary Defense, and had likely started in 2008 as a Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) project under the name "Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Program" (AAWSAP). According to the Department of Defense, AATIP was shut down in 2012.
In February 2019 DoD spokesperson Susan Gough told Swedish researcher Roger Glassel “After an OSD/DIA review in late 2009, it was determined the reports were of limited value to DIA and there was a recommendation that upon completion of the contract the project could be transited to an agency or component better su…

AAWSAP : Government UFO program or Bigelow/Reid private project ?

Here is a list of documented facts about AAWSAP and BAASS, based on available official documents. Unfortunately, very few official records about this program have been released yet, despite countless Freedom of Information requests submitted by numerous researchers. One central document is the AAWSAP solicitation, issued by the Defense Intelligence Agency under Solicitation #HHM402-08-R-0211. Once awarded to BAASS, the contract number was HHM402-08-C-0072.Understanding what was required of Bigelow's company and what was offered in exchange is critical to understanding what AAWSAP really was, and why it may have been a good deal for Bigelow.When was the AAWSAP contract awarded ?The solicitation was issued and published on August 18th 2008. The deadline for offers and proposals was on September 5th, 2008. We don't know the exact date when BAASS was awarded the contract.When was Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies, LLC formally established ?BAASS was created on January 29, 2…

Nimitz UAP : New witness from the USS Princeton CIC

In March 2020, I was able to track down a new witness of the now famous Nimitz UAP event. Before reaching out to him, I checked his background and online records, including US Navy documents, and was able to verify his identity. He is a former US Navy Petty Officer Third Class, and was stationed aboard the USS Princeton in 2004. He was assigned to the Signals Warfare Division, overseeing the electronic warfare equipment and working shifts in the Combat and Information Center (CIC). He retired from the US Navy in the late 2000s and is now working for a Defense contractor and does not wish to come forward. I reached out to him on social media, and we started an online conversation over a couple of weeks. He allowed me to share his story as long as I removed any identifying details, as he doesn't want to be bothered. He is not looking for publicity nor fame. He is just a US Navy veteran who experienced an extraordinary event.

Here is his story.

November 14th, 2004
"I was on watch f…

BAASS Program managers held meetings in Brazil

An investigation by Marc Cecotti and Keith BasterfieldIn our previous articles we reported that investigators and translators from Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS) visited Fortaleza and Sobral in the State of Ceará, Brazil, at least on one occasion in May 2009. Thanks to additional witnesses and documents, we have learned that the history of UFO events in Brazil was deemed important enough to send BAASS upper management to Saõ Paulo to meet with several UFO researchers. The purpose of those meetings was to gain more information about the UFO phenomenon in Brazil, to create possible cooperation with research organization, but also, according to those witnesses, to try and discover any technology associated with UFOs for possible spin-offs to Bigelow Aerospace projects.
BAASS managers in Saõ PauloMarc Cecotti reached out to Brazilian UFO researcher Edison Boaventura Jr. from Guarujá Ufological Group (GUG). He confirmed that he met two BAASS employees for a few hours in Sa…

BAASS in Brazil - emails and more

Marc Cecotti and Keith Basterfield
In our last article about BAASS and Brazil, we revealed that a team of four investigators came to Fortaleza and Sobral, in the Ceará region, to meet local UFO research groups; collect information, and records.

Since that last article, Jãnder Tôrres, a member of CSPU in Sobral, Ceará reached out to Marc Cecotti. His testimony and the evidence he supplied give us a valuable insight, about the objectives and interest, of BAASS in Brazil and South America.
A meeting in Sobral, Ceará, BrazilAsked how BAASS reached out to CSPU, a member of the group previously told us: “A friend received a call from these people and they just asked to attend one of our monthly meetings and they wanted to know if we already had any information about the UFO propulsion system.”

Shortly before our last article was published, Jãnder Tôrres contacted Marc Cecotti to offer additional information. Tôrres is a 45-year old college professor and researcher with a PhD in Public Health. H…